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Driving in TORCS using modular fuzzy controllers

25 Apr

Astonishing paper presented as interactive presentation and poster at EvoGAMES 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by J.J. Merelo.

Co-authored by: Mohammed Salem, Antonio M. Mora, Pablo García-Sánchez.


When driving a car it is essential to take into account all possible factors; even more so when, like in the TORCS simulated race game, the objective is not only to avoid collisions, but also to win the race within a limited budget. In this paper, we present the design of an autonomous driver for racing car in a simulated race. Unlike previous controllers, that only used fuzzy logic approaches for either acceleration or steering, the proposed driver uses simultaneously two fuzzy controllers for steering and computing the target speed of the car at every moment of the race. They use the track border sensors as inputs and besides, for enhanced safety, it has also taken into account the relative position of the other competitors. The proposed fuzzy driver is evaluated in practise and timed races giving good results across a wide variety of racing tracks, mainly those that have many turning points.








Enjoy it!   😀