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The deadline for EvoGAMES has been extended – 25th November

14 Nov

The due date for the submissions to EvoGAMES has been extended until the next 25 of November.

So you can improve even more your papers. ;D

We are excited to see your amazing works in EvoGAMES 2015.


CFP for EvoGAMES 2015

10 Oct

The deadline for EvoGAMES 2015 is approaching: 15 November.

Please, prepare ASAP your (excellent :D) contribution to the edition of this year, for two main reasons: first Evo* will be held in the beautiful city of Copenhagen (Denmark); and second, we are working hard to join a special issue in a very good JCR journal.

Thus, the selected papers will be proposed to be included in it, after an extension/improvement phase, of course. 😉

The main topics are (not limited to):

  • Computational Intelligence in video games
  • Intelligent avatars and new forms of player interaction
  • Player experience measurement and optimization
  • Procedural content generation
  • Human-like artificial adversaries and emotion modelling
  • Authentic movement, believable multi-agent control
  • Experimental methods for gameplay evaluation
  • Evolutionary testing and debugging of games
  • Adaptive and interactive narrative
  • Games related to social, economic, and financial simulations
  • Adaptive educational, serious and/or social games
  • General game intelligence (e.g. general purpose drop-n-play Non-Player Characters, NPCs)
  • Monte-Carlo tree search (MCTS)
  • Affective Computational Intelligence in Games

The important dates are:

  • Submission of papers: 15 November 2014
  • Notification: 07 January 2015
  • Camera-ready: 21 January 2015
  • Evo* dates: 8-10 April 2015

Here you can see the beautiful EvoGAMES flyer.

More information about the conference in the website of Evo*.


Procedural Content Generation Using Patterns as Objectives

2 May

This is the first video of a series in which we will show the papers presented at EvoGames.
The purpose is to let the people who could not join to see the presentations and get inspired.
In this first video, Steve Dahlskog presents his and Togelius’ work on Procedural Content Generation Using Patterns as Objectives, enjoy!

Hackathon in Videogames at EVO* 2014

10 Apr


Hi to all,

Finally, the EVOHackathon will be held in the Oficina de Software Libre on Tuesday 22 April (one day before EVOGames conference).

There are 5 projects confirmed right now,namely:

  • Creating autonomous agents for Super Mario Bros. game
  • Creating an AI engine for the game Wetland (Greyman Studios)
  • Creating bots for 1 vs 1 combats in the RTS Planet Wars
  • Procedural generation of stages for a new game (Greyman Studios)
  • Progamer: Code visualization tool based in Super Mario Bros. levels

As you can see, two of them are proposed and will be directed by a videogames company.

The inscription form is here.

We invite you to join us. It is free! 😀

Accepted papers

23 Jan

We got some amazing submissions this year and it has been pretty tough to reject some works, however the results have been sent to the authors and soon we’ll communicate the track program.
Meanwhile here is a preview of one of the accepted paper so you can have a taste of what is coming:

Procedural Content Generation Using Patterns as Objectives
Steve Dahlskog and Julian Togelius
“In this paper we present a search-based approach for procedural generation of game levels that represents levels as sequences of micro-patterns and searched for meso-patterns. The micro-patterns are “slices” of original human-designed levels from an existing game, whereas the meso-patters are abstractions of common design patterns seen in the same levels. This method generates levels that are similar in style to the levels from which the original patterns were extracted, while still allowing for considerable variation in the geometry of the generated levels. The evolutionary method for generating the levels was tested extensively to investigate the distribution of micro-patterns used and meso-patterns found.”

“To the far left we have a vertical slice (micro-pattern) with a Goomba on low ground. To the left a sequence of copies of the same slice making up a 3-Horde meso- pattern that in the original game can be found quite often as in World 8, Level 1 seen to the centre-right and in World 1, Level 2 to the far right.”


25 Nov

We have the final number of submissions for this year’s EvoGames. We received 17 full papers, it is a pretty good result and one of the highest ever for the track.
I would like to thank all authors and assure them that they will receive a prompt answer.

EvoGames Deadline Extension

25 Oct

The deadline for submission of articles to EvoGames and EvoStar has been extended to the 11th of November.

See you all in Granada!