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Relief Camp Manager: A Serious Game Developed Using World Health Organization’s Guidelines

3 May

A formidable paper presented as a talk at EvoGAMES 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by Hamna Aslam.

Co-authored by: Anton Sidorov, Nikita Bogomazov, Fedor Berezyuk, Joseph Alexander Brown


Emergency management plans rely on training in order to provide support to first responders, government planners, and affected persons in potential disaster zone. Serious Games have proved to be useful in capturing and invoking people’s attention and emergency management education is also being delivered through games. The paper presents a relief camp game developed using the figures from World Health Organization’s (WHO) report on water, sanitation and hygiene guidelines in emergencies. The game play provides player an understanding of the management of relief camps by giving them a supervisory role to design and organize camp areas. It also encourages players to introduce their own ideas in setting up relief camps. The player is competing against evolutionary computation algorithm. The aims are to create awareness about relief camp management strategies and improving the present approaches for better plans via human competitive testing.


LINK TO THE PAPER:’s_Relief_Camp_Guidelines/links/5891d79d458515aeac941e9f/Relief-Camp-Manager-A-Serious-Game-using-the-World-Health-Organizations-Relief-Camp-Guidelines.pdf