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You can start writing your papers to EvoGAMES. Time is running!

20 Sep

November 1st is the date when you must submit your high-quality contributions to EvoGAMES 2017. And to the rest of Evo* conferences and tracks, of course.

As you know, the topics of interest are mainly focused on the applications of bio-inspired algorithms in games or related research lines. Namely, we are interested in:
– Computational Intelligence in video games
– Intelligent avatars and new forms of player interaction
– Player experience measurement and optimization
– Procedural content generation
– Human-like artificial adversaries and emotion modelling
– Authentic movement, believable multi-agent control
– Experimental methods for gameplay evaluation
– Evolutionary testing and debugging of games
– Adaptive and interactive narrative and cinematography
– Games related to social, economic, and financial simulations
– Adaptive educational, serious and/or social games
– General game intelligence (e.g. general purpose drop-n-play Non-Player Characters, NPCs)
– Monte-Carlo tree search (MCTS)
– Affective computing in Games

The Evo* event will be held in Amsterdam on April 2017, so you’ll better do a very good work to get there!

You’ll have a lot of space to describe your work, up to 16 pages.

As usual, the accepted submissions will be included in the proceedings of Evo* (LNCS), but this year, a selection of the best papers in EvoAPPS will be invited to submit an extended version a special issue of Memetic Computing journal.

See you at the Red Light District in Amsterdam! 😀