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Accepted papers

23 Jan

We got some amazing submissions this year and it has been pretty tough to reject some works, however the results have been sent to the authors and soon we’ll communicate the track program.
Meanwhile here is a preview of one of the accepted paper so you can have a taste of what is coming:

Procedural Content Generation Using Patterns as Objectives
Steve Dahlskog and Julian Togelius
“In this paper we present a search-based approach for procedural generation of game levels that represents levels as sequences of micro-patterns and searched for meso-patterns. The micro-patterns are “slices” of original human-designed levels from an existing game, whereas the meso-patters are abstractions of common design patterns seen in the same levels. This method generates levels that are similar in style to the levels from which the original patterns were extracted, while still allowing for considerable variation in the geometry of the generated levels. The evolutionary method for generating the levels was tested extensively to investigate the distribution of micro-patterns used and meso-patterns found.”

“To the far left we have a vertical slice (micro-pattern) with a Goomba on low ground. To the left a sequence of copies of the same slice making up a 3-Horde meso- pattern that in the original game can be found quite often as in World 8, Level 1 seen to the centre-right and in World 1, Level 2 to the far right.”