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New Venue

25 Sep

The location of EvoStar has been changed. The new venue is about 100 Km south of Baeza, in the beautiful city of Granada!

You can get more info on the EvoStar page.


Expert Knowledge Modelling in Unreal Tournament presented in CEDI 2013

22 Sep

The title of the paper is “Modelling Human Expert Behaviour in an Unreal Tournament 2004 Bot”. It has presented in the Primer Simposio Espa√Īol en Entretenimiento Digital (SEED 2013) track, inside CEDI 2013.


This paper presents a deep description of the design of an autonomous agent (bot) for playing 1 vs. 1 dead match mode in the first person shooter Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2K4).
The bot models most of the behaviour (actions and tricks) of an expert human player in this mode, who has participated in international UT2K4 championships.
The Artificial Intelligence engine is based on two levels of states, and it relies on an auxiliary database for learning about the fighting arena. Thus, it will store weapons and items locations once the player has discovered them, as a human player could do.
This so-called expert bot yields excellent results, beating the game default bots in the hardest difficulty, and even being a very hard opponent for the human players (including the expert).

The presentation can be seen at Slideshare:

Enjoy it!

And cite us,of course. ūüėÄ

EvoGames 2014

22 Sep

Hi everyone!
after a rather long summer break, the blog is ready to host new amazing material about Evolution and Games! meanwhile, here are some news about the next EvoStar conference.
We will meet in the meddle of Andalusia (Baeza) from 23rd to the 25th of April and The conference will be hosted at Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.
As the last year, there will be 5 co-located conferences: eurogp, evocop, evobio, evomusart and evoapplications and the submission deadline for all of them (including EvoGames) is set for the 1st of November. 

These are a couple of links to the official pages:

See you all in Baeza!