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Mechanic Miner and A Puzzling Present

31 May

These are a couple of videos showing some mechanics “discovered” Mechanic Miner, an evolutionary system for discovering simple two-state game mechanics for puzzle platform games.
The system has been presented the EvoGAMES 2013 in Viena, more info can be found in the paper and on



Special issue of Evolutionary Intelligence focused on games

2 May


Do you apply bioinspired techniques to games? Specially evolutionary algorithms? Submit a paper with your work to the Special Issue of Evolutionary Intelligence focused on games.

Anything related to games is valid, provided evolutionary techniques (or, in general, bioinspired techniques):

  • Level design
  • NPC design
  • Learning in games
  • Behaviour mining
  • Puzzle solving

Please check the dates: the deadline for submission is June 8h, 2013, the notification of acceptance/revision/rejection will be given by July 10th, 2013 and the final manuscript submission date is August 1st, 2013.
The articles must be submitted via the journal submission page:
Please refer to this page: about instructions for authors.