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23 Apr

This is not strictly related to EvoGAMES, but Maximos’s work is definitely worth a view.
He presented, at this year’s EvoMUSART, an evolutionary system that employes an interactive genetic algorithm to automatically generate drum tracks.
The video shows Maximos jamming with a GA.

This is the paper abstract:
“Drum rhythm automatic construction is an important step towards the design of systems which automatically compose music. This work describes a novel mechanism that allows a system, namely the evoDrummer, to create novel rhythms with reference to a base rhythm. The user interactively defines the amount of divergence between the base rhythm and the generated ones. The methodology followed towards this aim incorporates the utilization of Genetic Algorithms and allows the evoDrummer to provide several alternative rhythms with specific, controlled divergence from the selected base rhythm. To this end, the notion of rhythm divergence is also introduced, based on a set of 40 drum–specific features. Four population initialization schemes are discussed and an extensive experimental evaluation is provided. The obtained results demonstrate that, with proper population initialization, the evoDrummer is able to produce a great variety of rhythmic patterns which accurately encompass the desired divergence from the base rhythm.”

An this is the link to the paper:


Super Mario Evolutionary FSM-Based Agent

17 Apr

Recently, inside the last LION 7 (2013) conference (Special Session on Games and Computational Intelligence) there was presented the paper entitled “FSM-Based Agents for Playing Super Mario Game”.

It describes the implementation and test of an autonomous agent which can play Super Mario game better than an expert user can do (in some trained levels).
It is build starting from a Finite State Machine and applying an Evolutionary Algorithm.

The presentation is:

You can watch one example of the obtained agent playing a game here:

Enjoy it. 😉


Generating Map Sketches for Strategy Games

12 Apr

This is a video demonstrating the tool presented by Antonios Liapis, Georgios N. Yannakakis and Julian Togelius at the last edition of EvoGAMES in Vienna.
This is the abstract of their article:
“How can a human and an algorithm productively collaborate on generating game content? In this paper, we try to answer this question in the context of generating balanced and interesting low-resolution sketches for game levels. We introduce six important criteria for successful strategy game maps, and present map sketches optimized for one or more of these criteria via a constrained evolutionary algorithm. The sketch-based map representation and the computationally lightweight evaluation methods are geared towards the integration of the evolutionary algorithm within a mixed-initiative tool, allowing for the co-creation of game content by a human and an artificial designer.”

The full paper can be found here: and on the authors’ pages.